B.B. Comer Memorial Library

B.B. Comer Memorial Library hosts the 2019 SouthFirst Bank Adult Lecture Series, Celebrating Alabama’s Storied Past, on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019, with guest speaker, Dr. Kathryn Braund.  She will share, “Traveling Through the Creek Nation on the Old Federal Road.” Refreshments will begin at 11:00 a.m. followed by the program at noon.

The “Old Federal Road” was forged through the Creek Nation in the early 1800s by the United States to provide a communication artery to link the east coast with Louisiana.  It started as a postal horse path through Creek Indian territory. The “storied gateway” created tensions within the Creek Nation; sparked the devastating war in 1813-1814; led to the forced surrender of vast acreage by the Creek Nations; and ultimately revolutionized Alabama’s expansion and facilitated unprecedented American immigration. Kathryn Braund, who has just completed The Old Federal Road in Alabama – An Illustrated Guide, will tell where the road was and why it was “both a physical and symbolic thoroughfare that cut a swath of shattering change through the land and cultures that it transversed.” But her focus will be on bringing the road to life by telling the colorful stories of the people who traveled through the Creek Nation between Georgia and Alabama during the 1820s and 1830s.
Dr. Kathryn H. Braund, Hollifield Professor of Southern History at Auburn University, has a M.A. from Auburn and a Ph.D. from Florida State University. Dr. Braund’s research and writing have focused on 18th and 19th century history of the Creek and Seminole Indians.

For more information about the Adult Winter Brown Bag Series call 256-249-0961 or visit the library’s website.  Everyone is welcome to attend.