SYLACAUGA, Ala. – In response to unprofessional, ill-informed, disrespectful comments this week, we want to take a moment and remind everyone of our social media policies. While we welcome and want your thoughts, comments, questions and concerns, we simply ask that you show respect for the rest of the social media community!

Hatred, personal attacks and threats of violence will not be tolerated. We welcome people’s opinions, as long as they are expressed in ways that are respectful of those who may disagree.

What we do NOT want are comments/debates/exchanges that devolve into hateful personal attacks on other fans or on team members.

The internet allows us to extend our community beyond our natural geographic boarders. Helping promote healthy behavior online is something to which is committed.

Thank you!

– Team

Michael Brannon is a former news and sports anchor from Mobile, Ala. and serves as Director of Business Development, Manager of Digital Projects and Strategy, and Managing Editor of