CHILDERSBURG, Ala. – As preparation to replace the railroad bridge on U.S. Highway 280 in Childersburg begins, speed limits are changing from a posted 45 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour in and around the project area from the Coosa River Bridge to just beyond Atkinson Homes.

According to the Childersburg Police Department, the new speed limit is especially important to ensure the safety of workers and will be enforced. When workers are present, speeding fines will be doubled.

All four lanes will remain open during the construction, and the old bridge, which does not meet load requirements for some heavier trucks, will then be removed. At 88 feet wide vs. 65 feet wide, the new bridge will also be four to six feet taller and longer, thus the road level will be higher.

The project, expected to cost some $10 million and managed by ALDOT, is being funded by the federal and state governments and must be completed within 330 working days or roughly two years.

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